Priyanka started at Site-Seeker as an internet marketing specialist and quickly graduated to team leader senior internet marketing specialist.

She has been with Site-Seeker for a total of six years now. Priyanka is responsible for coordinating the objectives of everyone in operations, from design to development, and everything in between. Priyanka also manages a portfolio of Site-Seeker’s top clients. She holds a degree in journalism and public relations and while working at a newspaper for three years, prior to joining Site-Seeker, Priyanka earned her MBA.

Meeting new people is welcomed by Priyanka and she enjoys learning about each of her clients and their business. Most importantly, she loves working with them to take them to the next level! Her main strengths include creating buyer personas and building client-focused websites.

She is very detail-oriented, deadline driven, and likes to focus on building execution plans and strategies. Presenting data and speaking publicly is another one of Priyanka’s strengths. In the past, she has presented at BizBuzz on “B2B on Twitter.”

Priyanka lives with her husband and two children in Virginia whom she loves to throw birthday parties for. Her other hobbies include working out, dancing, cooking, caring for her pets, and traveling – all of which she wishes she could do more often.