Afternoon tea…with Matt Ford…

After joining the agency 6 years ago, Matt has held various positions at Site-Seeker and today he leads the team as Agency President. Matt held executive level positions at various companies over the last 15 years before joining the Bluff Brothers and Site-Seeker. Matt moved to the States from the UK 25 years ago and hasn’t looked back. He brought with him a dry sense of humor and a disciplined and analytical mind that focuses him and the Site-Seeker team on successful and efficient solutions for clients. He has a thirst to constantly better the organization through process improvement and building, developing and coaching team members on the foundation of their innate strengths.

Matt’s prior endeavors were in the sports industry, where, during a 20-year span, Matt earned various executive awards and accolades in the sport and entertainment world as well as the opportunity to work with international events and global stars.

Matt left the world of sport and entertainment and rekindled his entrepreneurial flame where he and his wife started their own own e-commerce business and indulged in the world of digital marketing and learned the business from “inside the ropes.” Soon thereafter, Matt connected with Site-Seeker and has helped establish and grow the organization into the digital marketing leader it is today.

A down-to-earth problem solver, Matt know’s that online success is a difficult process due to a revolving door of new solutions and goalposts that aren’t in the same place day after day. That’s why he has surrounded himself with an incredibly talented team of high performers and industry experts.

“If there’s one thing I take great pride in, it’s knowing that we have the talent, the character and the desire to provide successful solutions for our clients and regardless of how treacherous that road may be, we always find a way to succeed,” Matt says.

Mentally, Matt’s mind never stops. He’ll tell you he’s not the most creative guy at Site-Seeker, but his strong strategic mind is always figuring out how things correlate, how they function, and how they can form a better business solution.